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Brod - the restaurant is a catamaran with two hulls, which primarily allows it a very peaceful and comfortable sailing on the Danube. It is equipped with a panoramic terrace on the upper deck, an air-conditioned restaurant in the center, and a VIP-bar in the lower part. A complete kitchen allows the preparation of all meals onboard. The boat is equipped with three bars, has an integrated sound system, 4 toilets, and bow-sets.


In addition to the main purpose - tourist cruises on the Danube, it is very attractive for business presentations, team building programs, organization of weddings on water, meetings of generations, birthday parties etc.


Boat trips - a one-hour cruise of the boat restaurant in the lower lake where you can enjoy the sightseeing of the coast from the panoramic deck. The boat sails upstream of the fortress Fetislam, turn in front of the HE Djerdap, and in the continuation of sailing, you will see the remains of the famous Trajan Bridge and the fortress of Ada Kale.


The Djerdap canyon cruise is the most attractive part of the hotel's offer. Natural and cultural treasury, unique in Serbia, which can only be experienced in the right way "from the water".


The boat starts from its base in Tekija, 22km upstream from Kladovo, and during the two-hour cruise offers the opportunity to get the largest open-air museum and the most beautiful view of Europe's canyon with a glass of the best wines of the Negotin community and the grill on the barbecue caught just in the place you are sailing. During sailing, with the tones of the tamburitza ensemble, we serve ethno lunch with specialties of Eastern Serbia in the form of a Swedish table.


We sail to the narrowest (154m) and the deepest part of the Danube (93m). The boat decelerates at the location of Trajan's table, the Romanian monastery of Mrakonia, and the highest stone sculpture in Europe - the Deccan king Decebal.


The maximum number of passengers is 120 persons.


The ship, besides a panoramic top deck, also has an air-conditioned restaurant on the central deck, 4 toilets, 3 bars, an integrated sound system, and a complete kitchen, so all of the meals are prepared on board.


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