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Over the last ten years, Hotel Djerdap hosted more than 110 worker sports games. The most demanding service in the hotel industry has been brought to the highest possible level with the „key in hand“ arrangement. In addition to the complete sports infrastructure, we offer a ceremonial opening of games in the park in front of the hotel, booking licensed judges, renting of sports fields, making bulletins, posters, diplomas, thank-notes, winners cups and medals, digital tracking of results and taking photos of the final competitions.

From the fun part of the arrangement we highlight:

- boat restaurant ride for all participants,

- revue competition in cooking fish soup in the park in front of the hotel,

- picnic with lunch in nature,

- a shopping trip to the neighboring Romanian city - Turn Severin



Picnic in nature

„Restaurant below the open sky“ for 400-500 people.


One of the most complex but also the most attractive services of the hotel Djerdap. The picnic replaces one boarding lunch. On the menu are, on request, calf or lamb soup, wedding cabbage in caldrons, grill, and baking - and everything is prepared at the location of the picnics.


Complete infrastructure... tables, chairs, natural shades, parking, toilets, terrains, and recreational equipment. The Tamburitza Ensemble with sound system is responsible for spicing out the entire atmosphere with good music. Each guest is served at his table with food and drink and by arrangement, we can organize a competition in cooking fish soup for more than ten teams during picnics. Over the past five seasons, this service was used by more than 6,000 satisfied guests.

Competition in cooking fish soup

In the park in front of the hotel in the shade, we can place ten kettles with all accompanying equipment. Each team on-site is equipped with a kettle, table, parasol, wood, water, fish, and necessary spices.


The competitors get complete equipment and they only have to appear with goodwill, and the level of expertise in this revision discipline is judged at the end of the competition by a three-member jury headed by the hotel's kitchen chef.


The town beach, located a hundred meters from the hotel, receives over a thousand swimmers. It has a volleyball court, a lot of parasols, deck chairs, showers, changing rooms, and a public toilet. Two hotels and several cafes with their panoramic terraces complete one of the most beautiful city beaches in this region and wide. For the purposes of the Team building program, we can organize discipline called „mini petoboj“ on the sand for teams: Small football, volleyball, swimming, mattress racing, and more.


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